Thursday, March 15, 2018

Simple Tips On Home Staging New York Sellers Have Used Successfully

By Christine Perry

With a good location and the right price, you probably expect to see multiple offers when you put your house on the market. This isn't always the case. If potential buyers have toured your home, and you haven't gotten any results, it might be time to consider some home staging New York sellers have been successful with. You don't have to put everything in storage and rent a houseful of furniture though. Rearranging what you have may be enough.

If you're a fan of home selling reality shows, you already know that decluttering is the first rule of successful staging. You will have to remove family pictures, mementos from family vacations, and other personal items. Experts usually tell homeowners to move about half of their furniture out of living areas. The rooms will look bigger, and prospective purchasers will have an easier time envisioning their own furniture in the house.

When people are decorating their homes they tend to place all the furniture against the walls. Experts say this is a mistake. Instead you should try moving the sofas and chairs away from the walls, and let them float. Create conversational groupings, keeping in mind the traffic flow of the room. Not only will you have a more interesting look, but your rooms will seem much larger.

Lighting is another key to presenting your house well. Most homeowners don't think about turning on ambient or overhead lights and lighting under counters along with lamps or accent lights. Switching on table lamps for an open house isn't sufficient. Most experts believe there should be a hundred watts for every fifty feet of living area.

If you have small rooms in your house, you need to make them appear as large as possible. Decluttering them will help, but you can also paint them the same color as adjacent rooms. That will trick the eye into seeing a seamless transition from one area to another. Painting a room the same color as the drapes is another way to create the illusion of space.

You might think brightly colored walls and trendy wallpapers are great, but potential buyers may have another opinion. If you have statement colors on your walls and wild fabrics on your sofas and chairs, it's time to put it in neutral. It's hard for buyers to imagine what a room will look like with their furniture in it, if they are blinded by your decorating. You can save the splashes of color for accent pillows and area rugs.

If you know a few tricks of the trade, people will think you are a talented decorator. One simple tip is to group decorative objects in threes, or some other uneven number. It doesn't matter whether the objects are on table or shelves. The uneven look is much more interesting.

If you need a quick sale, you have to impress the buyers who come to look at your house. A great location and a competitive asking price may not be enough. Buyers have to be able to see themselves in your house before they'll make you an offer.

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