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Landscape Services, Feast For Human Eye

By Gregory Cox

When we have an independent house with a lawn we often dream of having a beautiful garden with flowers. Sometime a swimming pool in the backyard along with the garden. The only challenge is along with our busy schedule we may not have time to maintain the lawn. Landscape services New Jersey provides regular maintenance of the backyard.

It is necessary to keep the garden attractive, clean and healthy. A person who has the knowledge to take care of the lawn is called gardener. He usually plans to plant trees, wait for harvesting and applies fertilizers after the fruits are ripe. Beautiful gardens are also maintained at schools, resorts and public parks.

There are natural and manmade scenic beauties. The natural sceneries are mountain, hill, deserts, forest, river, lake, pond and island. The manmade sceneries are gardens, resorts, dams, parks and agricultural land. The beautiful sceneries are sometimes associated with buildings and structures. With the increase in population man started acquiring more and more land which reduced the natural beauties.

Forestry is the process of conservation of natural resources. Plantation is a method of cultivation in small area. By this method we are not only conserving tree but also making money for our benefit. This helps in preserving the natural habitat for animals. Today there modern machines for uprooting and moving a tree from one location to another.

Plantations are large scale farming of cash crops. These are tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, eucalyptus, olive and rubber trees. This agriculture grew due to the exchange of spices between the countries. This has also contributed largely on the world economy. Earlier type of farming exploited humans and animals into slavery. This also provides home to many species. Most of the cultivation is done in hills and mountains.

Deforestation is cutting down of trees so that the land can be used for commercial purpose. It is done for many purposes either to construct a building or to sell the wood as charcoal. This has severe affects on the environment. Firstly it displaces the animals from its natural habitat. It contributes the drastic change in weather.

Biogas is an environment approach to manage food waste and provides a perfect solution for our gardens and lawns. It takes the plant and food waste into gas which can be used for cooking. The byproduct form this plant is the agricultural waste and manure which is used for plants in garden and lawn. This avoids the food waste to be disposed directly into earth.

Agriculture and gardening require special tools. These can be hand driven or electrical. The hand tools are spade, shovel, fork and axe. These are used for putting new plants. The electrical tools are chainsaw, water sprinkler and lawn aerators. They are mostly used for cutting and irrigation purpose. Other than the tools we also need a person with sound knowledge in this subject.

Plants and trees require continuous maintenance and care. While we are working in garden or agriculture it is important to have the knowledge in the subject. While working in lawn we should be equipped with proper tools.

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